Challenges Don’t Deter Delta Trustee

STOCKTON DEMOCRATS TOGETHER wants to give a special note of appreciation to Delta College Trustee Dr. Teresa Brown who attended the All Wine’d Up For 2022 virtual event even though she is still recuperating at home from a long illness. It is typical of Dr. Brown’s dedication that she would continue to participate in activities that focus on issues — such as how critical it is to vote in 2022 — and ensuring quality education for our Stockton/San Joaquin County community. Even though she is still recovering at home, Dr. Brown has continued her duties as Delta College Trustee, participating in important discussions and votes via Zoom. To say anything other than “thank you” for her hard work and diligence would be ignorant and unkind.

We admire Dr. Brown’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling her responsibilities. STOCKTON DEMS wish you all the best, Dr. Teresa Brown!