Elect our Dem Assembly District Delegates Now!

Time to Elect our Assembly District Delegates to the Democratic Party!

Assembly District Delegates (ADEMs) represent 1/3rd of the voting members of our California Democratic Party.  

On January 22, 2023 an in-person election will be held, but what is most exciting this year is the ability to vote by mail to make it easier to be involved.  If you are a registered voter in Assembly District 13, then we are counting on you to register for a ballot mailed to your home and help at least five of your friends to do the same. 

You Must Register by December 31!  Click here  https://ademelections.com/home  

Once you open the link, you’ll be taken to the CADEM website registration page.  You must register with your current voter registration Name and Address; the Party will immediately email you a PIN verification code for two-factor verification; enter the code on your registration page.  The Party will send another email stating you’re registered to receive your ballot by mail and it will contain an important PIN to be used on your paper ballot.  Save the PIN! 

When your ballot arrives, you will be voting for 14 delegates by candidate number, not by candidate name.  Below is the slate for AD 13 that I would like you to consider.  Notice candidate number on the left.

Vote for ONLY 14 (7 SIF, 7 OSIF) of these 15 candidates by number:

1            Colleen Keenan               SIF

2            Henry Cole                       OSIF

4            Dan Arriola                       OSIF

5            Savonnda J. Blaylock        SIF

6            Allyson Aranda                SIF

7            Mana Shooshtari            SIF

8            Alyssa C. Leiva                 SIF

9            Mario Enriquez               OSIF

10          Simran Kaur                     SIF

12          Kennetha L. Stevens        SIF

13          Gurtej S. Atwal                 OSIF

15          Felix C. Ogbah                   OSIF

17          Kimberly Range               SIF

21          Valentino J. Silva             OSIF

22          Rajdeep Singh                  OSIF

SIF: self-identified female

OSIF: other than self-identified female